Welcome to MaryLouise’s and Jessica’s First Grade!

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MaryLouise is very excited to be joining the NCSA family!  She received her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at National University where she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education with emphasis on Social-Emotional Learning.  MaryLouise is dedicated to creating a positive and safe learning environment for her students as well as designing an inclusive classroom in which all students are motivated to learn and encouraged to reach their full potential.  She takes her responsibility to lay important social, emotional, and academic foundations very seriously.  MaryLouise also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music from University of California, Riverside.  She draws from her teaching experiences as a music adjunct professor and TK-12 music instructor, which were heavily rooted in inquiry and asset-based instruction, to create a classroom environment that is engaging and a fun place to be.  You can expect her to incorporate music into her teachings every chance she gets.  When MaryLouise isn’t teaching, she loves to spend time with her husband and son.  Together they enjoy going to the lake, beach, and hiking.  They also love to make music together!







Jessica joined NCSA in 2021 and is happy to have found such a wonderful school to call “home”!  She has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Single Subject Teaching Credential, a Master’s Degree in Education, as well as a National Board Teacher’s Certification.  While the bulk of her teaching experience was in Hawaii as a Literacy Resource Teacher, Reading Interventionist, and Academic Coach, she is excited to step into the role of co-teacher!  Jessica is joined at NCSA by her two daughters, Ruth and Rose.  Together, with her partner, Jessica’s family of four loves hiking and exploring the Yuba.









First Grade Highlights

*The frequency of classes with specialists may change depending on distance or hybrid learning models.

  • Two classes a week with our art specialist
  • Two classes a week with our movement specialist
  • One class a week with our music specialist


Units of Study:

First Grade Units of Study

  • August/September—We will begin with our names and who we are. We learn routines, expectations, and build a foundation for strong social-emotional and academic learning. We will begin learning number sense, numbers 0-10, and engineering. We build our class and school community.


  • October –Next, we study the harvest, insects, and plant structure. We take a field study to Mountain Bounty Farm. We learn nursery rhymes and have our first play (Mother Goose). We study addition and number facts 0-10.


  • November/December –We study birds and we honor multicultural celebrations and the seasons. We learn the value of different traditions and honor our own. We will study subtraction facts 0-10 and word problems.


  • January/February – We learn about real-life heroes that have and continue to change our world. We learn about our personal strengths as well. Students will learn their place in space. We learn, write, and create. We will study place value, geometry, shapes, and patterns.


  • March – This month, we begin our studies of mammals, geography, and habitats. We begin rehearsal for The Show (our spring collaborative first-grade performance). We will work on math fact fluency, number talks, and problem-solving.


  • April – We’ll finish up mammal studies, look at the science of light and waves, and begin studying space. We will work on math operations (addition and subtraction) for numbers 0-20.


  • May – This month we will finish up our studies of space and solar systems. We will learn how to tell time, count money, and practice strengthening our skills.


  • June – We will take a look back – how much we have grown and what we have endeavored to learn. A celebration of us! We have our first-grade class celebrations and honor one another.




Due to COVID 19 NCSA will not be taking field trips for the 2021-22 school year.

No Field study payment is necessary at this time.

Field Studies/Events for this class:

First grade will be going to Shady Creek on December 14th, 2021

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