Every year at AMOT we have “Count Me In!” items, Count Me In items are opportunities to help support NCSA without bringing home stuff from the auction. Choose your favorite Count Me In! item, or give a little to both! Our theater, piano lab, easels, Orff Instruments, Butterfly Bench, School Sign, iPad lab, playground landscaping, and more, have all resulted from a Count Me In! at A Matter of Taste!

We are raising money for Industrial Arts!


If you missed the bid sheets, or you weren't able to attend, we're extending this through the end of April. Contributions can be made online HERE.


Our goal is $5,000


we raised $125 at A Matter of Taste

  • Industrial Arts



Industrial Arts at NCSA is creating an introductory pathway for trade and industry skills in our community.


With proper support, our students that excel in tactile learning can learn focus and follow through while learning the safe use of tools and respect for shops and working environments.  In Industrial Arts, we teach the process of bringing an idea into reality.  We leverage that process into a survey of ways to build: with wood, concrete, metal, textiles, technology.  Project-based learning can demystify our built environment and empower our students to create the world they would like to see.



Class Wishlist:

We need materials:
Plywood for boat building, skateboard decks, ping pong paddles
Metal tubes for push bikes, sheet metal for lamps and lanterns
Screws and fasteners
Paints. Zip ties. duct tape
Concrete for casting
Plaster and soap blocks for carving
Lumber for structures
Rubber bands, inner tubes, wheel sets
Bailing wire, metal lath
Pulleys and rope
Wood Glue & epoxy


We need Personal Protective gear:

Eye protection, small face dust masks, nitrile gloves (L), shop aprons
We need quiet dust collection tools (tool actuated vacuums, ducting, air filters)


We need tools: 
Clamps of all kinds.
Pliers, shears, snips, wrenches, hacksaws.
Rivet guns
Air compressors & pneumatic tools like brad nailers and grinders
metalworking tools like brakes and shears and rollers, tubing benders, Brazing equipment, soldering irons
Woodworking tools like bands saws and scroll saws in safe working condition
Thickness planer


We need Bits and Blades: 
Drill and driver bits for our cordless tools in all shapes and sizes
Jigsaw blades (t-shank)
reciprocating saw blades
Hacksaw blades
Coping saw blades
Sharpening stones