[headline h=”1″]Welcome to Nevada City School of the Arts![/headline]

[headline h=”1″][sub_title]“The Arts—Music, Dance, Theater, and the Visual Arts—are crucial to the complete education of a child. Their practice, understanding and appreciation are essential to human experience and learning itself. Participation in the arts fosters a balanced and enriched life and engenders a commitment to excellence. The Arts are not simply a means; they are an end in themselves. The Arts make us human and whole”. – NCSA Philosophy Statement [/sub_title][/headline]

At NCSA the faculty, administration, parents and students ensure that the words of our philosophy statement reflect everyday life in the classroom.

Our academic faculty, some of whom have been with NCSA since its inception in 1994, provide the foundation of our academics, each teacher believing that both high expectations and a true depth of caring for each individual child are essential in the classroom.  Our small school size and low student to teacher ratio allows for every child to be seen, noticed and cared for during their schooling, and strong relationships forged with their teachers as they move through the grades.

All of our teachers model the love of learning as they are active learners and explorers of the world themselves.  Using the State Standards as a guide, along with their personal interests and strengths, teachers create curriculum ensuring that students stay engaged in enriching and innovative lessons, providing a platform for sustaining an active mind and a love of learning.

Our arts faculty and classroom teachers collaborate to enhance the academic curriculum with appropriate visual arts, music and performing arts so that a deeper understanding and a wider appreciation of the subject is ensured.  The arts are also taught on their own, outside of the academic curriculum, and are an integral part of our students’ day.  Local artists, musicians and actors bring their craft to NCSA to teach electives alongside our 3 artists in residence and 2 music teachers, creating a partnership between NCSA and the wider Nevada County arts community.

An ethic of respect, tolerance, social learning and emotional growth make NCSA a special place for children to find their true natures and thrive as respectful, tolerant individuals who have compassion for those around them.

Finally, joining the NCSA community also requires that parents are active partners in their children’s education.  Working closely with teachers and the administrator on all facets of a child’s education is integral to their success in school.  We ask that parents are generous in their time by volunteering in the classroom and on behalf of the school, as well as participating with a financial contribution to our Annual Giving Campaign.

Since our founding in 1994, Nevada City School of the Arts has stood out as a leader in charter school and arts based education.  I now invite you to join our community and watch as your child flourishes in a school that is dedicated to educating your child in all ways and in all domains.

We welcome you to the NCSA family!

Holly Pettitt
School Director