best-student-band-instruments-for-beginners-665x484With summer right around the corner please consider renting one of our musical instruments so your student can continue to play over the summer. We have fiddles, guitars, bass guitars, flutes, clarinets, sax, and cellos available. We keep our rental fees low to make it affordable—we love for students to have access to their instruments and continue to have musical experiences over the summer.

Summer Rental Fee for Fiddle, Clarinet, Guitar, or Flute $40.00 Total
Summer Rental Fee for Bass Guitar, Sax or Cello $60.00 Total

Get your forms in by May 31! After May 31 fees go up by an additional $20.
Sign-up forms are available in the atrium and HERE
Please turn in summer rental forms by May 31! Thanks!

Is your student using an instrument belonging to NCSA?  Is it insured?
If you haven’t purchased insurance it’s still an excellent idea to purchase it at this point in the year.  Accidents can happen any time!  Don’t get stuck paying hundreds of dollars for a broken instrument when you could simply have this affordable insurance. Get insurance now so coverage will be in place to take advantage of the low cost summer instrument rentals from NCSA.  Policies are for a 12 month period from the start of coverage so purchasing or renewing now will keep you covered next year as well.
To purchase or renew insurance go to the Anderson Group web site:
Questions?  Call Jody at 273-7736 ext. 204
Anderson Group insures any instrument that is rented, owned
or on loan to you from your school or elsewhere.
  • $59.95 per year covers up to $2,500 in itemized instruments and accessories.
  • Same great coverage and policy; no compromises, – period.
  • Same worldwide “agreed value” coverage; even better than “replacement cost”.
  • Yes, we still insure earthquake, flood and just about everything else in between!


Summer Music Lessons

Private music lessons can be arranged with some of our music instructors. Call individual instructors for more information on scheduling and fees.

Summer Fiddle Lessons
Our fiddle teacher, Amie Fenwick, is offering private lessons to any students wanting to keep up on their playing over the summer. Learn new tunes and workshop skills one-on-one. Flexible scheduling is available to accommodate summertime travel. Call or text Amie at (815) 529.1468.

  • Amie Fenwick—Suzuki violin, fiddle—(815) 529.1468
  • Ananda Vaughn—guitar—(530) 277.9104
  • Arthur Gould—cello—(530) 263.6393
  • Elizabeth McAllister—clarinet, saxophone—(530) 559.2837
  • Janapriya Levine—guitar, drums, music production—(505) 358.6977
  • Kimberly Foree—piano, woodwinds, brass, voice—(575) 770.0096
  • Shannon Devir—flute—(541) 325.1137