Reunification Procedure for Twin Cities Church/Ready Springs School

If there is an emergency at school requiring evacuation, students will be brought to one of our reunification sites. Parents WILL NOT be allowed to come to campus to pick up students. Please understand that in the event of an emergency at school, the Sheriff’s Office will have closed the road to all people (except those who live on Bitney Springs). Therefore, we have designated to locations as our reunification sites where parents should go to pick-up students.

This process will take a VERY LONG TIME. We ask that parents try to be patient as student safety is our highest priority and returning children to their parents in a calm and logical fashion is paramount.

Below is the reunification process:

  • Students arrive by bus at Twin Cities Church or Ready Springs School and are placed in classrooms by grade. Teachers will stay with students the entire time.
  • Release of students:
    • Parents/Guardian/Emergency Contact will complete reunification card.
    • Parents will wait in line at the check-out area.
    • ONLY persons listed as one of the student emergency contacts will be allowed to sign out a student.
    • Person picking up MUST show ID. The person doing check out may not know parent/child association. We will do this with ALL parents, guardians or emergency contacts, even if we know who they belong with.
    • Check out person will locate student on roll sheet and check them off.
    • Runner will get student, giving leaving early slip to teacher and bring student to parent at meeting place.
    • Parent will be escorted by runner to exit doors
    • Family will depart safely.
    • Chaplains from the Church will be available to counsel parents if they wish.