Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts and History

Personal Philosophy:

All children deserve a mentor with a “whatever it takes” mentality, a teacher who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that each student becomes the best that they can be. A successful education depends greatly upon the teamwork between the student, parents and teacher. The connection between the three must be more than purely academic. A true relationship is personal. As a teacher I am only part of what makes a difference. Together though, we are unstoppable.

Teaching Style:

Every child has a unique way of learning. It is my job to know and challenge each student by using their learning strengths and areas of improvement throughout a variety of styles. All learners will be engaged in learning and exploring through small lectures, group discussions, hands on activities and projects.

I truly believe that I am not here to solely teach 6th grade subjects such as  language arts, and history. Instead I feel I am here to teach 6th grade students about all aspects of life. It is through each of our life experiences, both struggles and accomplishments, that we will “learn” the required material. It is my goal that at the end of the year, each child not only remembers “what” they learned in 6th grade, but more importantly “why” and “how” it has made them a better person in life!