Welcome to Megan Krueger‘s Second Grade!

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Hello, there! I am so incredibly excited to be teaching at NCSA as a first-year educator. I graduated from Chico State with a BA in Liberal Studies. With a certificate in Early Childhood Education, I taught Early Head Start for 2 years before becoming the Kindergarten Coordinator for Chico Unified School District. Children, families, and the building of that strong community in the classroom is my passion, and I strive to make our class not just a room full of students and an educator, but rather a community with a mentor who is learning, teaching, loving, and having fun every step of the way. Outside of working in education, I love being outdoors, adventuring with my pup “Walter”, and exploring art and music. I enjoy painting and drawing when I can, and I love being creative! I look forward to sharing my love for education with NCSA, and making some wonderful, and impactful memories here with my students and families.

“Education is about empowerment, about cultivating a human being to the highest possible potential, a tool for fulfilling the immensity of being.“ – Sadhguru


Second-Grade Planet Protectors

There are 22 learners in our class. We have one wonderful aide who supports learning throughout the day.


Units of Study:

Character Traits

Environmental, Physical, and Earth Sciences

Multicultural Stories

The Lorax Play






Numbers and Operations

Algebraic Thinking





Enrichment Activities:

● Two classes a week with our art specialist

● One class a week with our movement specialist

● One class a week with our music specialist


● Math in Focus

● iReady Math Online Program

● Social Curriculum –Positive Discipline

● Mindfulness from Mindful Schools

● Handwriting Without Tears Printing Review and Cursive Practice

● Mystery Science

● Orton-Gillingham; multi-sensory approach for phonics

While there is a strong academic focus in second grade, we also place a great emphasis on developing a strong social-emotional well-being. Here at NCSA, we place a huge emphasis on our social-emotional curriculum. We use Positive Discipline and the Mindful Schools curriculum to support NCSA students in becoming their best selves. We believe that using mindfulness is a great tool to not only focus on the present moment and learning at hand, but also to maintain awareness of our social-emotional state and help us to cope with difficult situations. Using mindfulness will help ground our class, help us to rise to meet expectations, and be as hardworking, engaged, communicative, collaborative, and productive as possible. Our class will develop community by learning about one another through our similarities and differences. Our experiences are rich and diverse, and we celebrate that!

During the first month of school, we will be focusing on building our classroom community and what it means to be and embody the behavior of a second-grader. We will create classroom expectations, build upon and learn new routines, and get to know one another. Our class will work together to cultivate an environment where everybody feels safe, respected, and all are treated with kindness. I am truly looking forward to this school year, and cannot wait to have fun, work hard, explore, discover, and create together!



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Crocker Art Museum $ 9
Food Love Farm $ 0
Class Party $ 8

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