6th Grade Math

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Devin Cormia is joined NCSA as the 6th grade Math and Science teacher in the 2019-2020 school year. Devin has worked as a science educator throughout California (and a short stint in Portland, OR), leading hands-on inquiry-based lessons for students ranging from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. Devin received his multiple subject teaching credential through CalState Teach while student teaching at Bell Hill Academy and Grass Valley Charter School, and completed his Life Science credential through UC Riverside. While not teaching Devin can be found hiking or swimming the rivers and lakes of California with his wife and English setter Poppy. This summer he is also tinkering with drones to help calculate and create maps of forest density in and around Grass Valley.







6th Grade Math:

While learning the sixth-grade mathematics content, students will be presented with many visual and hands-on opportunities to engage with the concepts. By teaching mathematics and science together we can apply our developing skills to see how mathematics can help us understand the world around us.


6th Grade Science:

Our explorations in 6th-grade science will examine the complexity of life on Earth by diving into the smallest components of living beings (cells), the interactions between the living world and an ever-changing climate, and the impacts humans are having on our planet.



Field Studies/Events for this class:

Pool Party $ 5
Discovery Museum $ 14
Film Festival $ 3
Play $ 16
Shady Creek $ 346

Total= $384



Field Study Payment Plan Selection:

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One payment in full of $384.00

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Plan B

Four payments of: $ 96.00

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Plan C

Eight payments of: $ 48.00

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