Delphine Griffith Class of 2012


delphineDelphine Griffith NCSA alumni, 2016 Laura Wilcox scholarship recipient and student at Sarah Lawrence College, has dedicated herself to protecting the environment and the Yuba River. She has volunteered her time through SYRCL, and this past summer served as a River Captain for our River Ambassador Program.


Delphine recently reflected on how the scholarship has impacted her course of study. “I am so honored to have received this scholarship because through the knowledge and experience I am gaining in my studies, I am starting to establish the dreams and goals I have for the environment and the planet. This scholarship is very special. It highlights the fact that this planet we live on is a beautiful place and not only does it need to be protected from destruction, but that anyone, no matter their age, can help.”


Read the full article on SYRCL’s website  HERE


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