Entertainment Booking with Matthew Mayavi, Mind Reader

Mind Reading?
Matthew is a mentalist – an ancient performing art that demonstrates the unbelievable powers of the mind.

Is mind reading really possible? Can someone else know what you are thinking? Is it possible to tell when someone is lying? Matthew’s act will attempt to demonstrate the impossible and answer these questions once and for all.

Matthew combines intuition, psychology, non-verbal communication and theatrical techniques to create an experience that just might leave you questioning reality.

Is Matthew right for my event?
Matthew can adapt his performance to your needs and will create an unforgettable customized show that can enhance nearly any type of event. Parties, weddings, trade shows, corporate events, fundraisers, and fairs are just a few of the venues that Matthew can perform in. Matthew can do shows that showcase psychology, lie detection, non verbal communication, or more esoteric themes.

What types of shows?
Stand up, Parlor, or stage shows: can be from 15 minutes to 2 hours and can be performed anywhere there is a place for people to gather. His mind-blowing show is funny and engaging, and involves the entire audience.

Strolling: Matthew can walk around and mingle with your guests, performing astounding mind reading for smaller groups.

Readings: Matthew can set up a table or booth where guests can sit down for an individualized intuitive reading (for entertainment purposes only, although don’t be surprised when he’s right on point).

His website is www.matthewmayavi.com. He also has pages on Gig Masters and Gig Salad:

Matthew will be performing at AMOT this year!!


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