Welcome to 5th Grade at NCSA!

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Welcome to 5th grade! My name is Danielle Yzaguirre (Is-a- gear-ee) and I have been a teacher for over 16 years. My teaching experience has included teaching both art and elementary school and this will be my 6th year teaching 5th grade. This year we will dive into ecosystems, the hydrosphere, and space exploration in science with hands-on experiments and projects. In math we will start tackling large numbers in multiplication and division, fractions and percentages by creating our own lemonade stands and possibly competing to get out of an Escape Room or two. In writing we will learn how to become persuasive writers and speakers and we will create narrative stories to fill the pages of our own books. I love teaching 5th grade and I know that we will have a great time together this year!



  1. Read a Book

Reading is the magic doorway into other worlds. I hope you have been going through that doorway all summer. Think about the different kinds of books you like to read, your favorite authors and the connections that books have with other things you love. As school begins I will ask you to put together (as best you can) a list of books you’ve read and to complete a Reader’s Survey where you tell me about yourself as a reader and the kinds of things you like to read.


  1.   Make Art and Music

Bring a love of being creative and expressive to 5th Grade. You’ll have Instrumental Music classes. We’ll sing songs, dance, listen to and make music in class and you’ll have a chance to perform music as part of our plays and at an end-of-year performance. Art will be all around us, in your Art Class, though your own art, in our History, Science, even Math. At this ‘school of the arts,’ it’s all about exploring and expressing, not perfection. Everyone is a musician, a dancer, a singer, a painter, a storyteller, an actor. So don’t be shy. Be ready to join in.


  1.   Be Scientific

Just as we are all naturally musical and artistic we are all also naturally scientific. We all have questions about the world. We all like to notice things and observe closely. And there is something that attracts us to the world around us. Maybe we love animals, love to play sports, love to be in nature or love to build things and see how they work. All that is connected to Science. So be ready to look closely at things, to ask questions, to tinker and build, to experiment and design. It’s all part of Science and it can be so much fun.


  1.   Bring Supplies

Finally, come to school the first week or even the first day with your School Supplies. Check out the list. Get organized. There is a combination of personal, class, and home items. Personal items should be labeled, if possible, with your name.


Looking forward to a great year of adventure, laughter, new friendships, and learning,










Field Studies/Events for this class:

Roller King STEM Trip $ 14
Crocker Museum $ 6
Film Festival $ 3
NatureBridge Science Camp $ 365
End of Year Pool Party $ 6

Total= $394.00


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