Monday 10pm

Dear NCSA Families,

What a day it’s been. Here’s the latest information I have:

The fire came on to our campus this morning and threatened some of our structures. Our maintenance crew, Ian and Al, were heroic in their efforts to keep the school safe and we owe them a debt of gratitude. In addition to Ian and Al, Cal Fire worked hard and used much of their assets, fixed wing aircraft, bulldozers, helicopters, hand crews and fire engines to protect the school. It was more than luck that saved NCSA it was a committed effort.

Although the structures are safe at this time, we have suffered damage to our property, water system and power lines. This may delay the reopening of school. We will be assessing the damage as soon as we are allowed to get back on the property and understand the extent of repair that is needed to safely welcome our students back. It is possible that this may take the rest of this week, but I will keep you updated as I learn more.

I would appreciate knowing if any of our families have been displaced by this fire, or the McCourtney fire, so that we can lend the appropriate support. Please contact me at

Apparently the school now has a colorful strip of red fire retardant running through it, and we have more open space than ever before, but, we’re still NCSA, with a little better view.

I can’t express enough how grateful we are to Ian, Al, Cal Fire and the Nevada County Sheriffs office, for keeping our beloved school safe, and for giving us continuous updates under such stressful circumstances.

Sleep well,

Holly Pettitt

School Director


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