Tuesday 12pm

Hello Staff and Families,

The school made it through the night! Hooray!!

As I said earlier, however, there is a great deal of property damage – no power, no water and lots of smoke – so school will most likely be closed for the week.

In addition, I am going to have to reschedule the Positive Discipline training from this Saturday to another weekend.

I apologize for the complete disruption to your children’s routines – I know many of you need to get back to work! I have seen lots of requests for shared daycare and I encourage you all to form “play date” groups to support each other in getting back to work.

Many thanks to all of you for offers of support. I do have several offers from parents who have places to stay through Friday. Let me know if you need that help.

I will continue to update you each day as I know more.
Thanks so much – We are NCSA Strong!

Holly Pettitt


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