The Birds and the Bees

Dear NCSA Families,

Spring is in the air and curiosity abounds.  As per a parent request, this reading nook has several books recommended by parents of NCSA students, to support teachings about the Birds and the Bees as well as boundaries, consent, and respect of a child’s personal body and those around them.  I hope that you find something useful here. I haven’t seen any of these books yet, but wish to review them sometime soon. If you own any of them, I’d love to borrow them.

A parent brought up her frustration with the books I recommend not linking to a purchase source, and I wanted to explain to you all that I am purposeful to not connect to a purchasing site so that I am not supporting one entity over another.  I prefer to send you to Goodreads when possible where you can read about the book and access many different reviews. From there you could easily cut and paste the link to find it at your favorite bookstore.


Angie Maxson-DeFeyter

What Makes a Baby

“What Makes a Baby is a children’s picture book about where babies come from, written by sexuality educator Cory Silverberg and illustrated by award-winning Canadian artist Fiona Smyth.

Geared to readers from pre-school to about 8 years old, it teaches curious kids about conception, gestation, and birth in a way that works regardless of whether or not the kid in question was adopted, conceived using reproductive technologies at home or in a clinic, through surrogacy, or any of the other wondrous ways we make babies these days, and regardless of how many people were involved, their orientation, gender and other identity, or family composition.

Just as important, the story doesn’t gender people or body parts, so most parents and families will find that it leaves room for them to educate their child without having to erase their own experience.” Goodreads

It’s Not a Stork!: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends

“Young children are curious about almost everything, especially their bodies. And young children are not afraid to ask questions. What makes me a girl? What makes me a boy? Why are some parts of girls’ and boys’ bodies the same and why are some parts different? How was I made? Where do babies come from? Is it true that a stork brings babies to mommies and daddies?

IT’S NOT THE STORK! helps answer these endless and perfectly normal questions that preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school children ask about how they began.” Goodreads

Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and  Respect: Teach children about body ownership, respect, feelings, choices and recognizing bullying behaviors

“Teaching young children about body boundaries, both theirs and others is crucial to a child’s growing sense of self, their confidence and how they should expect to be treated by others. A child growing up knowing they have a right to their own personal space gives that child ownership and choices as to what happens to them and to their body. It is equally important a child understands, from a very young age, they need to respect another person’s body boundary and ask for their consent when entering their personal space.” Amazon description.

Sex is a Funny Word: A Book about Bodies, Feelings, and YOU

“A comic book for kids that includes children and families of all makeups, orientations, and gender identities, Sex Is a Funny Word is an essential resource about bodies, gender, and sexuality for children ages 8 to 10 as well as their parents and caregivers. Much more than the “facts of life” or “the birds and the bees,” Sex Is a Funny Word opens up conversations between young people and their caregivers in a way that allows adults to convey their values and beliefs while providing information about boundaries, safety, and joy.” Goodreads

Tell Me About Sex, Grandma

“Patiently forthcoming with lessons your parents redacted, this necessary conversation stresses consent, sex positivity, and the right to be curious about your body. The dialogue focuses on the dynamics of sex, rather than the mechanics.” Goodreads

It’s So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families

“It’s So Amazing! was created in response to repeated requests from parents, teachers, librarians, and health professionals for an up-to-date book about sex and sexuality for children who were still too young for It’s Perfectly Normal. Once again, the Bird and Bee are up to their antics, but this time they’re younger. In It’s So Amazing!, these reassuring characters reflect the many moods of children age 7 and up: silly, serious, curious, embarrassed. Their voices echo the thoughts, questions, and concerns of a younger audience.” Goodreads

It’s Perfectly Normal: A Book about Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health

For young adults entering or having gone through puberty.

“When young people have questions about sex, real answers can be hard to find. Providing accurate, unbiased answers to nearly every imaginable question, from conception and puberty to birth control and AIDS, IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL offers young people the information they need — now more than ever — to make responsible decisions and to stay healthy.” Goodreads



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