Autism awareness

One night this weekend my children had a couple of friends over for a sleepover.  Late at night, in the dark, I could hear them still playing ultimate Frisbee on the lawn by the light of a construction lamp. I was inclined to tell them to come in, but the fact that they weren’t sitting in front of a TV watching a moving made me happy, so I let them stay out!  Thankfully my children have always been so active they didn’t need coaxing away from screens.

Even though we are an active, busy family who rarely has time for screens during the week, I have to say some of my family members enter into this screen-free week with a bit of force.  It merely is the asking to pledge that seems to make it painful. I hope you choose to pledge to put the screens away this week and be ever present with your time. May you find joy in reading, playing games, and enjoying the outdoors.

April is Autism awareness month, Patti Howard MS, CCC-SLP,  Speech-Language Pathologist here at NCSA, shared this website Autism Resources for Parents with me and I thought I’d send it out to all of you.  The links to books for children within the website would be spectacular for everyone to read.  Support neuro-diversity by making it as common as brushing your teeth.

Happy Reading!

Angie Maxson-DeFeyter

Thank you for your support!!


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