Bartholomew the Book Worm

I hope some of you have had a chance to notice Bartholomew the Book Worm whose body is multiplying along the top of the wall in the lower campus atrium.  What an inspiration it was to come around the corner last week to see students looking up at his growing body and commenting about how many books were read and looking for their books or class circles.  Please keep up the enthusiasm for reading with your family!

My suggestion for the week:  Play a game together as a family.  Whether you choose board games or sports games, this can be a fun and valuable interactive time allowing the family to laugh and share a moment of low stress.  Our family is entertained by playing Apples to Apples, Dweebies, Connect Four, Uno, SET, card games, basketball and soccer.

I hope you all enjoy your time reading, playing games, cooking, and talking with your family this week. Oh yes, and remember to tell your child that you love them every day!


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