Book Recommendations

My Storee is a beautifully refreshing expose of encouraging creativity for creativity’s sake by forsaking the bounds of perfect spelling and correctness; paradigms that can severely road block learning and advancement for a person afflicted with dyslexia.

We’ll Paint The Octopus Red,’ a big-sister-to-be helps her parents recognize that her new baby sibling with Down syndrome will be just as valuable a family member as any other child. (Down Syndrome)

All My Stripes,’ Zane’s mom lists the things she loves about his unique autistic mind.

‘Fish In A Tree’ is the story of a clever girl with diagnosed dyslexia who has been labeled as a troublemaker in her attempts to hide her disability.

Mama Zooms‘ is the story of a boy and his wheelchair-using mother and the great life they have together.

Silent Lotus‘ is the story of a Cambodian girl and her family who grow to accept and understand her disability, allowing her to focus on her strengths.

The Lion Who Had Asthma, written for very young kids who need nebulizer treatments, doesn’t frame the asthmatic protagonist as weak. Instead, he’s a strong lion, a powerful hippo, etc.

Melanie stands alone as an awesome story for the fairy tale adventure and riveting plot.

I hope you enjoy reading this week!


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